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We are a national & regional logistics company and specialize in all types of transportation. Gulick Freight Service Logistics is a full-service truckload and less than truckload transportation brokerage we are dedicated to keeping you informed of your shipments status from dispatch to delivery.


The goal of Gulick is to arrange for the transportation of our customer’s freight in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We believe that by offering our expertise for this service, our customers are able to devote more time to the generation of value-added functions for their businesses. We, in essence, become an extension of your logistics function, operating to meet your needs. By phoning, faxing or e-mailing us with your request for a quote or an order, we will immediately query our vast database of carriers and equipment. We identify the carriers best equipped to meet your transportation needs, negotiate a competitive rate, and coordinate all the delivery and pick-ups for your load. We provide quality service for your transportation needs. Gulick Freight Service Logistics also has extensive experience providing for shipments in freight all kinds.


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