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We're experts at Produce & Perishable shipping.


Call Gulick Freight Serivce Logistics whenever you have produce or refrigerated shipment. We've become a known and respected transporter of produce and perishable shipments. Our diversified network of carriers can meet any requirements.


We know that our customers look to us to meet their produce and perishable shipping needs. For your produce shipping, we can help with all your transportation needs. We put all of our logistical processes to work for our customers, and this makes our ongoing relationships with customers and carriers a necessary in our everyday shipping process.


Types of Produce We Transports

These freight shipping services include:


  • Orange & Citrus Shipping

  • Lettuce Shipping

  • Strawberry Shipping

  • Grape Shipping

  • Melon Shipping

  • Apple Shipping

  • Potato Shipping

  • Onions

  • Specialty Produce Shipping

  • Seasonal Produce Shipping

  • Vegetable Shipping


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